Sydney Wedding Photography

Sydney Wedding Photography has over 20 years of combined professional experience. Having a team of professionals Sydney Wedding Photography delivers the services that can guarantee clients’ satisfaction. Most important part of any wedding day is having fun.

Sydney Wedding Photography has goals is to capture timeless, every emotion felt in a natural, unobtrusive fashion, and beautiful memories that you will cherish forever. Majority of the time the best photos are taken when you simply laugh, smile, and enjoy your day.


Sydney Wedding Photography offers comprehensive photography and video packages as well as custom packages to meet your photographic and video need. Your special occasion celebration happens once in a life time. We can tailor a photo and a video package to suit your requirements and budget.

Check our wedding photography and video services for different packages that suits your needs. Sydney Wedding Photography is happy to discuss anything specific about your wedding or put together a photography and video package that suits your needs.


  • Weddings and engagements
  • Pre-wedding video and photography
  • Personal and religious events
  • 4K post production videos
  • Sameday slideshows

Our Team


Fasih Tahbin

Owner, Lead Photographer

I am the owner of Sydney Wedding Photography and I have more than 7 years of experience working in the photography industry. My main focus is ensuring that we capture every moment of your events and make it memorable so you can cherish it forever.

Wedding Video

Omar Popal

Lead Videographer

I am the lead videographer at Sydney Wedding Photography with over 10 years of experience in the field. I have worked with diverse ethnic communities capturing every moment that makes your events memorable. My sole aim is to deliver breath taking videos that will last a lifetime.


Damian Brewin

Assisting Photographer

I specialise in variety of events and have experience working with different nationalities with a good understanding of their traditions.


Samir Popal

Assisting Videographer

As part of the Sydney Wedding Photography team I bring in technical expertise in different aspects of videography, animation, editing and hardware.

Photo and Video Assistant

Fawad Hakimi

Assisting Photographer & Videographer

I am an assistant photographer working closely with Fasih and Omar on various projects, I also assist in editing and post production.


Sean Tahbin

Photo & Video Assistant

I have experience both in photography and videography and assist the team at Sydney Wedding Photography on a regular basis.


Couldn't have been better

10 years from now when you look back at your wedding, the only thought that should come to your mind is that it couldn’t have been better.

Memories that last a life time

Great memories are those that you can look back at and feel as if it were just yesterday and we make sure that each photo and video we take leave their imprints for a life time.

I am glad we hired them

You wedding and special events cannot be rephotographed or done twice, you have one day to create memories, so don’t take a chance, hire the best.

We got what we wanted

In life their is little room for regrets, ask us for exactly what you want so we can make sure your event stays fresh for decades to come.