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About Us

The place where your memories are imprinted on awe inspiring photos and videos that will not only last forever but will bring joy to you and your family every time you look back at them.

We are a Sydney based photography and cinematography company specializing in weddings and related events, serving a wide diaspora of communities in and around Greater Sydney area and interstate. Our team of professionals have a combined experience of over 20 years with expertise in different background weddings including Middle Eastern, European, Asian, African and Australian weddings.

Wedding Photography Sydney views this line of work as a passion and have an underlining desire to capture the heartbeat of your special day and transform it into visual time stamps that you will always cherish.

What we believe in


We make sure that we treat every client with utmost professionalism and courtesy when delivering our services.


Being ethical and having mutual respect are important pillars of the relationship between our team and the clients.


Quality is one thing that we do not compromise with at any cost and we make sure that everything we deliver meets our standards.


We work hard and so do you, but stress tends to show up in photos and videos, so making sure you have fun is an important part of service.

Make your event special by hosting a Photobooth for your guests and let them keep a memory of you.