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Wedding venues in Sydney gives the most significant aspects of any dreamy and luxury wedding. Your perfect wedding venues can set a vibe and tone for your wedding day. That is the reason in this article we are going to share top modern venues in the area of Sydney, which are perfect for having a dream wedding.

Some of the top Wedding venues in Sydney:

1.     Curzon Hall Venue

It is a lovely heritage building resembling a castle, which is perfect to book for a wedding reception. It is one of the lovable and popular wedding venues found which is located in Marshfiield, NSW. It was initially built in 1899 from the start of Harry Curzon Smith to the better half named Isabella. After several years it was updated and changed over into a capacity space with the style of Victorian Italianate, compelling round curves, church building roofs, marble chimneys, and many more!

Things you may like:

  • The sandstone looking building is ideal for a fantasy wedding.
  • The venue of the wedding in this place comes up with a variety of great looking wedding service choices: The Eternal Garden, The Enchanted Garden, and The Garden Chateau venue.
  • Plenty of alternatives for outdoor photography shoots.
  • An outdoor Garden Chateau ceremony in a beautiful gazebo.

2.     Sergeants Mess Venue

It is a chic and modern waterfront wedding reception in Mosman, NSW. The space is captivating with red parlor seats, explanation dividers for photographs, and obviously, the beautiful perspective on the sea. So if you are dreaming of getting a top style and class reception, at that point, this is the perfect wedding venue for you and your partner.

Things you may like:

  • Due to its location a range of extraordinary locations for photo shoots are available within the proximity including Clifton Gardens, Bradleys Head, Balmoral Beach, and so on.
  • Having an outdoor ceremony out looking the beautiful sea.
  • Elegant and modern looking wedding reception
  • The red love couch zone is incredible for marriage gathering.

3.     Gunners Barracks Venue

It is one of the top listed wedding venues in Sydney, with a great perspective on the Sydney Harbor. It is located in Mosman, NSW. The venue Gunners Barracks is a beguiling sandstone building that looks amazing. Its stone dividers, and open area floor give it a rich character making a perfect place to hold your event.

Things you may like:

  • The wedding venue allows for access to different extraordinary wedding areas like Balmoral Beach, Gunners, Clifton Gardens, Bradleys Head, and many more.
  • It caters for both wedding service and gathering at the same location.
  • The yard is a perfect wedding service area for your ceremony or to celebrate your wedding under the stars.
  • There are a lot of choices for creating marriage portraits.

4.     Luna Park Venue

Luna Park has some of the best time wedding venues on the list of Sydney venues. It is located in the heart of Sydney, NSW. Now, why not begin your coexistence with a venue that will enchant and delight. They offer unique and elegant venues that outlook the harbour including the Harbour Bridge and the stunning Opera House. These magical venues  showcase the beautiful scenery of Sydney night life with its glowing lights and buzzing atmosphere.

Things you may like:

  • The area is great for a festival themed wedding. The appearance of the amusement rides bolsters the area.
  • Book your wedding reception that can move with the aesthetic feel of Luna Park in the afternoon.
  • Plenty of alternatives for venue shoot in strolling separation. You can regularly get a brilliant hour and staggering dusk marriage shots.
  • Get both luxury symbols of Sydney in your wedding venues like Opera House and Harbor Bridge in your marriage picture.
  • It provides you with unforgettable photo opportunities.

5.     Oatlands House Venue

This glorious manor is one of the wonderful wedding venues situated in Oatlands, NSW. The area shows french motivated legacy milestone with five sections of its vineyard. It has beautiful landscaped gardens. It is surrounds the international golf course. It has a grand foyer with decorative fireplace and elegant cobblestone courtyard. This location will enchant you with it clearing flights of stairs, and great precious stone light fixtures, among numerous other excellent structures. This wonderful space gives the vibes of an attractive glamour perfect for outdoor events or romantic wedding ceremonies.

Things you may like:

  • Get both wedding reception and ceremony in the same area.
  • You will get plenty of choices for area shoots for your wedding portraits.
  • The corridor with the piano is ideal for a unique wedding representation.
  • Different rooms available to suite your style and accommodate to the number of guests.

6.     Dockside Group Venue

It is the simplest wedding reception, yet captures the spirit of Sydney with its iconic wedding venues boasting magnificent Sydney water views. They offer seven boutique waterfront venues designed to celebrate your wedding. All the rooms are loaded up with attractive lights and with enormous windows to catch perspectives on the harbor.

Things you may like:

  • The wedding venue is situated in Darling Harbor with a lot of lights around the evening time.
  • Pick a correct day to to enlighten your visitors with firecracker shows or vivid representation.
  • Different rooms available to suite your style and accommodate to the number of guests.
  • Various wedding photography areas are accessible like Hyde Park, Martin Place, and many more!

Final Verdict:

Sydney area provides what appears to be an endless stockpile of wedding reception choices. If you’ve chosen to get married in this sweeping and dynamic city, you may have some hard choices browsing the list of top recommended wedding venues in Sydney. They all have unique styles and provide a range of options to cater for the varying needs.

In case if you’re now planning to get married in Sydney then, these Sydney venues are worth looking at! Whether you’re in a hurry to make an indulgent night or small garden ceremony, then follow the rundown and choose your dream venue. These popular wedding venues in Sydney assist you with planning your unforgettable day!

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